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Belfast Harbour Film Studio

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Project Info

  • Project Category:
  • Project Name:
    Belfast Harbour Film Studio
  • Client:
    Belfast Harbour
  • Location:
    Dargan Road, Belfast, BT15 9LZ
  • Architect:
    RPP Architects

Project Overview

Construction work has now finished on the new £20 million film studio on Belfast's North Foreshore.

The North Foreshore of Belfast Lough is former landfill facility which has been transformed into the largest development site in the city.

Belfast Harbour Film Studio's at Giant's Park features 120,000 sq ft of studio space, workshops and offices. The film studio takes up 8 acres of the overall 340 acre site.

The development by Belfast Harbour seeks to capitalise on Northern Ireland's growing reputation as a place to make films and television series.

Productions such as HBO's colossal Game of Thrones means "demand for studio space is now outstripping supply" the harbour said.

The new studio complex provides two sound-proofed studios as part of an overall site that will also cater for outdoor filming.

The development features 66,000sq ft film studio and sound stage, along with a 23,000sq ft workshop and 32,000sq ft production space.

Key Features

  • 120,000 sq ft of studio space, workshops & offices
  • Facilities includes two sound-proofed studios which will also cater outdoor filming
  • Large site (340 acres)
  • Bounded by Belfast Hills & Belfast Lough
  • Occupied by global film production companies
  • Total office accommodation available is 36,995sq.ft over 3 floors
  • Office space accommodates 450 staff
  • Offers two detached workshop facilities at 11,080sqft each
  • Key card access
  • Parking for 168 cars